The American Dilemma

Romney represents the America from when Reagan and the two Bush’ presidency was in office – a bully to the rest of the world. And if spuriously elected, he probably will be worse than those three mean – a blustering, non-thinking, shoot-from-the-hip type of individual, with no sense and care of the consequences of his actions. He dismisses people, as blatantly exhibited in how he treats the President of the United States and the wonderful lady who moderated the debate. He cannot do anything else because that is probably the only thing he knows – to bully his way into anything. His disdain and hatred for Barrack Obama “the person”, overshadows and obscures whatever is left of his decency and respect for the office and the position the man holds. His disregard for decorum and the unwritten sanctity of following mutually adhered rules and regulations of the debate should shine as a BIG RED STOP SIGNAL for the rest of the American people. This lowly human being will not hesitate in any bit and will, in all likelihood, send our men and women into harms way if he feels his manhood is being questioned by anyone around the world. I am sure he was wishing he could punch the President if he could get away with it – and he probably actually thought he could get away with it. Which bring us to the real sad state of the American Society. If the President were another white man, Mitt Romney would already have lost this election from the first debate. People would howled and shouted and screamed – “He is disrespecting the office of the Presidency!” Sadly, and ominously, Obama is a black man. So the black man will once again have to endure and, hopefully, triumph, against this new onslaught of marginalization – to be treated always as if he is less than a man, to be ridiculed and made fun of, to be disrespected, and yes, to be discriminated – because of the blood running through his veins. Even though his skin is light, even though he has a right to claim, at least halfway, that he has the blood of the white race; that black other half inside his body, will be treated as a virus and will forever render him inferior in the eyes of these people. He cannot be this good. He cannot be this noble. He cannot be this intelligent and successful. He must be cheating somehow. And they will continuously look for anything to make him less than them. For them, he could never be better than them. That is how this country started, and without acceptance of its past sins, without confession and avowal of this past misdeed and inhuman behavior – this country will never go forward as one nation under God.

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