And so we begin. . .

If I was Calvin, I would surely be peeing on these people.

If I was Calvin, I would surely be peeing on these people.

My friend Patricia has to be credited with that simple comment a few days ago: "Silvestre, maybe you should continue writing."

She was, of course, referring to the articles I have written for MSNBC's Newsvine from 2009 to last year. You see, I was on fire during the first Obama election. That time, I couldn't care if Mickey Mouse was running against whoever was on the Republican ticket. I just wanted to get rid of the Republican machinery.  After eight agonizing and really stressful years under George, serving under him in the Unites States Navy (well, I should say serving under Dick Cheney), I have had enough.

The American Dilemma

Romney represents the America from when Reagan and the two Bush’ presidency was in office – a bully to the rest of the world. And if spuriously elected, he probably will be worse than those three mean – a blustering, non-thinking, shoot-from-the-hip type of individual, with no sense and care of the consequences of his actions. He dismisses people, as blatantly exhibited in how he treats the President of the United States and the wonderful lady who moderated the debate. He cannot do anything else because that is probably the only thing he knows – to bully his way into anything. His disdain and hatred for Barrack Obama “the person”, overshadows and obscures whatever is left of his decency and respect for the office and the position the man holds. His disregard for decorum and the unwritten sanctity of following mutually adhered rules and regulations of the debate should shine as a BIG RED STOP SIGNAL for the rest of the American people. This lowly human being will not hesitate in any bit and will, in all likelihood, send our men and women into harms way if he feels his manhood is being questioned by anyone around the world. I am sure he was wishing he could punch the President if he could get away with it – and he probably actually thought he could get away with it. Which bring us to the real sad state of the American Society. If the President were another white man, Mitt Romney would already have lost this election from the first debate. People would howled and shouted and screamed – “He is disrespecting the office of the Presidency!” Sadly, and ominously, Obama is a black man. So the black man will once again have to endure and, hopefully, triumph, against this new onslaught of marginalization – to be treated always as if he is less than a man, to be ridiculed and made fun of, to be disrespected, and yes, to be discriminated – because of the blood running through his veins. Even though his skin is light, even though he has a right to claim, at least halfway, that he has the blood of the white race; that black other half inside his body, will be treated as a virus and will forever render him inferior in the eyes of these people. He cannot be this good. He cannot be this noble. He cannot be this intelligent and successful. He must be cheating somehow. And they will continuously look for anything to make him less than them. For them, he could never be better than them. That is how this country started, and without acceptance of its past sins, without confession and avowal of this past misdeed and inhuman behavior – this country will never go forward as one nation under God.

Of Mice and Men, and, yeah . . . Limbo, Limbaugh crack.

I really did not know how to start this, since I'd rather just say, "Here we go!" Again! And again! And again! Whatever the black man in the white house does, he is not worth it, he did not earn it, and he definitely does not belong in the rarefied domain of human achievements reserved solely for the white people of USA. When do people in America actually realize that USA is not for any other than white people? A select group of white people, I must say, since the rest of the white people not in the US are even recognizing the special accomplishment that Barack Obama did last year as the first black man to actually become a President of a still hateful nation. And that is without any blood spelled on the streets. That is more than an accomplishment; that is a feat unto itself. For any mere mortal would already have succumbed to the tightening rope of retaliation against those who have constantly maligned him, insulted his very being; not to mention that some declares him an illegal alien. To have been able to sustain that campaign, won the election against all the hate thrown at him, survived a multitude of Republican and so-called (funny) conservatives attacks, and still be able to make amends to the rest of the world for the past transgressions of an ill-educated former president. That is a more than a Nobel act. But for those of you who are intent on listening to the other white idiot on FIX News, here are some bulleted lists of some peace negotiations he rightfully achieved:
  • By showing peace initiative in not deploying the Bush-planned Anti Ballistic missile shield in Poland, he convince Russia not to reciprocate in kind, thus halting another potential arms race;
  • Proposed the resumption of Arms talk with Russia; something Bush never touched on;
  • Initiate talk with North Korea and Cuba; something only the insane would think will endanger Americans;
  • Even with a strong warning to Iran against their unfathomable pursuit of making a nuke, Obama is still opening up direct talks and not going for the holster, as Bush or Cheney would have done;
  • Withdrawing from Iraq as planned;
  • Guantanamo prison closing, even if it is not happening as fast as some would have it. Try fixing that kind of problem in a hurry, and American will indeed be in danger sooner again because those people have been tortured and de-humanized;
  • Not arresting White Americans who carry guns in the open, even though firearm in public is illegal unless you are a peace officer;
  • Not arresting the Governor of Texas for treason, even though such actions as secession talks are truly treasonable acts
Well, I could go on and on, but the truly deranged group of white people will never be satisfied. Just like what Rep Grayson said, "If Obama buys a BLT, the next day the conservative and the republicans will ban bacon." But the greater concern here is the majority of democratic and educated people of the United States who have somehow suddenly lost their power – a power they so overwhelmingly displayed and showed to the world last November 2008, when against all that is fathomable and reasonable, they voted for a young inexperienced, yet full of promise—a black man. That was some people power. What happened to that? What happened to Bruce Springsteen, to the other celebrities? And even more so, what happened to the powerful support group that Obama so convincingly welded against those who may have second thoughts on the power of uplifting the basic human power of decency and common moral ground? Where are they now? It seems they finally realize the futility of what this black man is trying to pursue. And this hesitation might actually turn into confoundedness when next year control of congress goes back to those who helped ruin this country in the first place. That is what is going to happen if hesitation and indecisiveness rules the day for Obama and his supporters. For I don't think they realize how precarious their situation is. They do not realize that some people in this country actually still believe that they are the only ones who have the right to this country. These people will do whatever it takes to win back the country from these conceived illegal aliens. What is it about certain white people that the rest of us are so afraid about? Why are we hesitant to fight back the likes of that white fat pig of a racist demagogue talk show host? Why isn't there another radio talk show host run by a black man? Or another minority? We have to hand over the fighting to another white people? We can't do those ourselves? And therein lays the dilemma of the black American. For blacks in America are still afraid of white America. They cannot forget the hangings and the white robes. And when push comes to shove, they'd rather just mind their own and hide in the basement. Yes, the young black man is a loud and angry person, but only for showmanship and rapping, for he is afraid of being seen as that by the rest of white America. That is why when he finally gets some amount of wealth and status, the first thing he does is marrying a white woman. It's like saying, "Hey, master! I finally made it. Can you accept me now if I marry a white woman? I mean, I know I still must serve you, of course." Wake up black America! Wake up Latino America! Wake up all of you non-whites! America was founded in bloodshed. And in bloodshed it shall atone its sins. You cannot keep on dreaming that this country will somehow grow and mature peacefully and accept you as equals. You have to fight for it! Does it not bother you that they are so blatantly mocking you by actually carrying the southern flag – the very symbol of slavery? When they painted Obama as a joker or worse, Hitler, is that freedom of speech? Or is that an ominous signal to the rest of us that he, and us, are nothing but caricatures and flaws in their society, and that soon they will rid of us as well. A joke and an insult on Obama are a joke and an insult to you, stupid! It is not funny! If Obama fails, as the fat pig wants it to be, you who voted for him fail. It's as simple as that. That is what those mostly white republicans want, for they do not give a damn about you. And those poor, ignorant white people who are overwhelmingly parading in throngs behind these racist politicians and talk show hosts; they know what they are doing. For in their world, it is better to be a poor white person next to another poor white person; than to be poor next to a black or another non-white. They have been living in that condition for the last 200 years, and they are resigned to it. Because for them, it is better to be abused, ridiculed, and sent their sons and daughters into harm's way by another white man, than by a non-white. It's as simple as that. Racism and bigotry is alive and well in America. And it is better now than before. They don't even have to be ashamed of it anymore. It is the freedom of @!$%#ing speech at its finest! To the rest of you, so-called even minded individuals, it is your freedom that is being ransacked and mutilated so very surely. For if you can watch a white man carry a gun in the name of freedom, yet be a witness to the arrest of a black man for carrying a knife – you can bet your dumb ass that you are slowly being subjected to a slow motion movie of your own demise. The question is what are you going to do about it? And while you are contemplating that, stop calling yourself a @!$%#. When you do that, you are insulting and mocking those people that died and sacrificed themselves in order for you to be at where you are today – not in chains anymore, but still not free. For indeed, just because you are not in chains anymore does not mean you are free.